More Agreeably Engaged: My Share in the Conversation…

Today I am taking part in the Consequences Blog Tour organized by the lovely Jakki Leatherberry of Leatherbound Reviews. I had the privilege of having C.P. Odom as my guest in December, 2013. If you would like to read what Mr. Odom had to say, please click on his name above and it will take you to the post. I would love to hear your share of the conversation, so please feel free to leave your comments. Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoy my review of this amazing book!


by C.P. Odom

Consequences is two novellas in one book. Both explore some of the possible changes that could have occurred in Pride & Prejudice depending on choices made or events altered. The book was very well-written and insightful! I will review it in two parts, the way it was written.

Book I: The Road Not Taken

Oh. My. Goodness! The depth and despair of Book I evoked immense feelings. I had a difficult time putting the book down!

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