Wings of Paper: Pride, Prejudice & Secrets

I wanted to read this book because I was intrigued by the plot that answers the question: “What if Elizabeth had accepted the first of Mr. Darcy’s proposals?”.

This novel pleases me very much, not only for the plot but also for the writing style. From the text you can see, indeed, evidences of the author’s knowledge and of the big research he made for the historical background of the novel. Moreover I also liked the quotes at the beginnig of every chapter.

I really loved the way in witch the author empathizes with every single characters, male and female, illustrating us their thoughts. He shows us feelings and sensations lingering in a plain narration.

C.P. Odom gives characters a new life and a new role. I really appreciated Mr. Collins’s change and really enjoy the fight between him and Lady Catherine and the pride he provokes in Charlotte.

Even if the events procede in a different way from the original novel, I liked the way Elizabeth reachs the same conclusion she reachs in Austen’s novel that is her feelings for William.

I want to see the main theme as a teaching, i.e. all depends upon our choices even if they are caused by some events. In this way the bad man can chage and the silly girl remains herself.

I like that at a point Darcy and Elizabeth’s story left room for other characters story, such as Wickham’s or Caroline’s.

The happy ending is guaranteed for everybody, even if Jane and Bingley couple fans will remain a little disappointed.

Actually the best novel I could read to begin the year!

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