Pride, Prejudice, and Secrets by C.P. Odom #Review – Delighted Reader

What if instead of getting the chance to declare in ringing tones that Fitzwilliam Darcy was the last man in the world she would consent to marry, Elizabeth Bennet was so ill from fever that her distracted response was taken as a yes and she was now engaged to a man she despised?

Yep, that is the basis of this new engaging story. Talk about enemies to loves trope, right? In the Regency Era, engagements were taken seriously much in the way of a formal contract and it was your honor, your reputation and your family’s position in society along and the community along with that of the other party tat was at stake when one broke such a contract.

While dealing with a severe illness, Elizabeth first sets out angrily determined to sort it out with a sound refusal until caution forces her to let it play out. Darcy is blind to Elizabeth’s less than enthusiastic response and behavior as he experiences love and determination to have his Elizabeth even if it must mean going against the most powerful members of his family and upper class society expectations. A cooler head prevails as Elizabeth thinks through her new tough situation and starts to see things aren’t adding up about what she allowed herself to believe about the enigmatic, silent man who has declared his love for her. Is he the proud, arrogant, selfish and cold man or is he the caring, loyal, dutiful, shy, sometimes arrogant companion or maybe a bit of both?

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