‘CONSEQUENCES’ BLOG TOUR! – Welcome to the Author page of Joana Starnes

I’m very excited to be part of this blog tour and welcome Colin Odom, who has kindly agreed to be my guest today and talk about his recent release,


There’s also a GIVEAWAY for two lucky winners – one e-book and one paperback, both open internationally – so please read on, and leave a comment!

And now let’s welcome Colin, to find out more!

The entire experience of being an author and talking about my writing is still a very new and somewhat unsettling affair. I made my living for thirty-five years as an engineer before I retired, and, while I’ve always been a consistent reader, my previous writing experience was mostly technical in nature: engineering proposals, technical documentation, and the like. Clearly, that doesn’t exactly prepare one for writing in the world of Jane Austen, and my journey to get to this point in time is probably unlike most other authors in this area, most of whom appear to have been devoted followers of the works of Austen roughly forever. In my case, I was completely unfamiliar with her books until about twelve years ago, when I dug out my late wife’s well-thumbed and quite beloved copy of Pride and Prejudice after I caught part of the 1995 BBC miniseries on television. I wanted to find out what took place before I started watching, and I figured I would just skim through this book (which I had been saving, with the intention of reading it someday because my wife liked it so much), find out what the storyline was, and that would be it.

Read more about Colin in his own words, read a Q&A about Consequences, read an excerpt from the book, and enter to win a copy of the book at ‘CONSEQUENCES’ BLOG TOUR! – Welcome to the Author page of Joana Starnes.