So little time…: Consequences by C.P. Odom ~ My Review

Consequences is a unique Pride and Prejudice retelling broken down into two sections. The first gives you a chance to see what could happen if Elizabeth rejected Darcy at the parsonage in Hunsford, and never saw him again at Pemberley. How devastating to her family that could be. The second shows what could happen if she accepted him right then, before all her prejudices are corrected.

I found the first book hard to read. It’s just so sad. The series of events set off by that refusal is tragic. But as unpleasant as it is, it’s interesting to see how badly things could have turned out; the harsh realities of life. And I liked that, despite everything, Lizzy stays strong.

As for the second half, I would have liked to see Darcy and Elizabeth spend a little more time together while Elizabeth is learning who Mr. Darcy really is. Her opinion of him changes by observing him and Georgiana, since Darcy never writes that letter to clear his name of all the injustices she accused him of.

I loved how insightful Charlotte is! In this story, she puts more of an effort into making Elizabeth listen to reason. Not only does she tell Elizabeth of her suspicion that Darcy might be in love with her, and encourage Elizabeth to say yes should he propose to her. Reminding her of how dire it would be for her and her family if her father should die. She also reminds her how being with Darcy would most likely bring Jane and Bingley together again. And maybe she shouldn’t believe everything Wickham says.

The ending of Consequences definitely gave me the warm fuzzies! I would recommend for any Pride and Prejudice fan! Just push through that first section! 😉

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