Review at My Kids led me back to Pride and Prejudice

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I am so excited to be reviewing C.P.Odom’s newest book as I am a big fan of his work, not to mention what a great way to start the New Year! This was another “my Kindle must not leave my sight!” kind of story.

Dear Elizabeth has once again found her self engaged to the last man in the world she would ever be prevailed on to marry, my favourite type of plot!!!! I found this story strangely satisfying considering much of the “usuals” were left out. There is no fiery rejection, no discovery of the part Darcy played in Bingley’s separation from Jane and no daring recovery of Lydia with Darcy as the knight in shining armour! Does Elizabeth really need the letter to see Darcy for the man he really is? If Elizabeth is as intelligent as her eyes seem to suggest, the answer is “No”. Does Darcy require a set down? “No”, If like me you believe his slight was not maliciously done, then I think the honourable gentleman he is would shine forth. I think what is pure genius about this story line is that the Regency proprieties and proclivities that make each of the characters the way they are, are all dependent on interpretation. This “what if” alters that interpretation, thus not only does the plot change but so does the person.

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